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bicycle-users - Kent University Bicycle Users Group (KUBUG)

Subject: Kent University Bicycle Users Group (KUBUG)

The Kent University Bicycle Users' Group (KUBUG) aims to promote the interests of cyclists on campus, and to encourage people to travel to the university by bike. KUBUG is an independent group with the purpose of working alongside the various university departments to make life better for those who choose to cycle to the campus. In time it is hoped that the group may become officially recognised by the university. In the meantime the group is currently a small group of likeminded individuals, but we wish to expand. The more cyclists that join our group, the more complete is the picture that we get about the issues of cycling on campus.

The mailing list is for all members of the university including students, staff (both academic and non-academic). It's used as a forum for cycling discussions and is also for disseminating information related to cycling on and around the Canterbury campus.

The Estates department has various resources about cycling and other sustainable transport issues at

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